Top 10 Biggest Open World Games of 2018

2018 is over and we're looking back and today we're talking about “Top 10 Biggest Open World Game of 2018” in terms of map sizes.

2018 is over and we’re looking back and today we’re talking about “Top 10 Biggest Open World Game of 2018” in terms of map sizes.

Top 10 Biggest Open World Games of 2018
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10. Spider-Man

Spider-Man’s game world has nothing on most of the other games on this list only coming in at roughly 8 square miles. But while it’s not ginormous, Insomniac still did a great job making in New York City. Yeah it’s not totally to scale but it’s a pretty good representation we would know. Insomniac also did a great job at not just making NYC but making like a Spider Man New York City. Seeing Avengers Tower was really cool then you have a sanctum sanctorum where Doctor Strange hangs out you can find the Nelson and Murdock Law Offices even some smaller stuff like Josie’s bar and the statue of lockjaw. Sometimes a giant sprawling open world isn’t the best open world but it’s instead one that feels natural like Spidey’s. Also swinging around in the city is just great. It’s not added verticality the fact that you can go up on high buildings that really makes the recreation of this Manhattan feel much larger.

09. Sea of Thieves

This comes in at 11 square miles roughly, which isn’t as big as some of the other games on this list obviously. But it has an interesting world and the vast ocean does a good job at making it feel a little bit bigger than it actually is. Obviously you know it’s how you get around. Sailing isn’t exactly fast and depending on where you’re going it can feel like it’s taking a while to get where you’re going. This also manages to pull off the empty world really well it feels bigger for that. When you’re sailing around with your friends it really does feel like just you guys and when you see a crew of other players sailing off in a distance it’s really exciting because you know someone else is out there in the distance and it’s a reminder that you aren’t alone in this pretty big world. The world is also just beautiful too. The game has a very cool art style and manages to be really nice and pretty without having like crazy raw graphical power, but still the water in this game is probably some of the best water we’ve seen in a video game in a long time.

08. Fallout 76

This is about 16 square miles. Even though this game is kind of a bummer, the map isn’t totally horrible. At least we’re including this for the sake of covering as much as you can because this article is about the biggest game worlds of 2018 and not the best games of 2018.  The map itself is pretty dense that there isn’t a lot of wasted space. There’s usually always something to explore or discover and one thing that is really cool is that everything isn’t dead like the previous following games because it took place so far after the bombs dropped there really wasn’t much life left in the world. Here there’s actually some lush vegetation and some dense forests and stuff. Fallout 76 does feel kind of lifeless and boring thanks to no NPCs but again size-wise it’s pretty decent.

07. Shadow of the Colossus

This is a world of roughly 21 square miles. Now Blue Point, the guys who remade this game manages to do what Avalanche did with Mad Max and that’s taking the world that’s supposed to be pretty empty and dead and barren and making it really pleasing to look at. While there isn’t much life at all, there’s no denying just how beautiful this world does really look. Going from giant to Giant feels like an epic journey because the distances are so long plus everything from canyons to Hills to trees is so much bigger than the character. So it does a really good job of making you feel like a little ant in a giant world we love that

06. Forza Horizon 4

Clocking in at 27 square miles, this game world is awesome and absolutely the most unique for a Forza horizon game. English and Scottish countryside feels vast and sprawling and it’s even more impressive that you get the complete game world altered with four different complete seasons and you drive fast. So you need a lot of game world and Forza horizon 4 provided that in spades.

05. Red Dead Redemption 2

This might not have the biggest open-world on this list but it definitely feels big and it certainly isn’t empty. Coming in at 29 square miles this is a pretty decently sized but we think part of what makes it seem so big is the fact that getting around takes a while. Horses definitely seem a tad slower than the previous Red Dead. But anyway another thing that makes the world seem so big is how lived in it feels. When you are traveling from point A to B you’re always seeing other people on the road in passing or you’re being stopped by someone asking for help or someone trying to rob you. Then there are town folks that actually have a routine and their own personality and they go about their day-to-day lives. You can also run into an NPC met on the trail hours later in a random giant city like San Denis. It really does feel like a big lived-in world where there is stuff happening everyday. Like lot of games on this list sometimes it’s not about raw square mileage but it’s about how vast it really feels and getting lost in the wild wild west here is awesome.

04. The Crew 2

This is a very big game if not a little disappointing. It’s hard to nail down an exact number but the crew 2 feels really big. Apparently according to some it can take up to like a half an hour to drive across the whole thing and that should put it in perspective for you. Because if you don’t know the crew Tube gives you a condensed the United States as one big open world map, so in theory you can drive across country from New York to California and all the places in between up and down. It’s cool in theory even if the game sort of disappointment after all. Still the size is what counts here so it’s definitely a win.

03. Far Cry 5

Coming in at 31 square miles, Hope County Montana is a really beautifully crafted American countryside. Lush forests, tall mountains, murderous bears and there’s a lot to see. I will say it was weird at first playing a Far Cry game that didn’t take place somewhere tropical-ish like in the last entries in the mainline games but I gotta say that Ubisoft did a good job here. The map is full of side activities to do like racing, stunt driving, hunting and side quests. Each of the big three areas all felt different – which was nice. It did a good job of letting you know that you were in a completely different area and that helps it feel that much bigger. The game world itself though was very hectic if that’s the right way to describe it. There’s always something going on in this game and therefore you can’t walk two feet without getting shot at by crazy cult members or just being set on fire by a bear that is also on fire, but at least you have plenty of room to run around.

02. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

This has a world that is approximately 80.7 square miles large. If you played this, you know this is a big-a*s game and it feels big. There was always something to do and somewhere to go. When you’re sailing out in the open seas you can see different islands and land and you could go to any of them and some of them are just so big with their own unique cities and towns that you can spend so much time on just one particular landmass. Some people might say that there’s a little too much in Odyssey, but a lot of it does feel pretty diverse though. There are a lot of side quests and plus the world was so big that there was actually more to explore sometimes and you could actually see there were caves, underwater caves and ruins, shipwrecks, Hidden Temple crypt like things and honestly really wants you to not blast through the main quest and take your time and see everything that the world has to offer. In terms of sheer size and stuff in it definitely succeeded there.

01. Just Cause 4

Comes in at 395 square miles this is absolutely freaking huge. Just Cause games are known for this and it’s about having a giant playground to cruise across on a fighter jet and then backflip out of it and then wingsuit glide away, so it needs a lot of room to flex its muscles. Just Cause 4 brings in tons more biomes and variety of snow, tropical, desert, forest and you get everything along with really massive and impressive weather effects that kind of change the game. This is a big-a*s world and even if some of it is filler or window dressing, when you’re flying up to the clouds it’s always really impressive when you look down.

So, those are what we thought as “Top 10 Biggest Open World Game of 2018” and as always thanks for reading.

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